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Candle making with friends!


Looking to take your home gathering, party or event to the next level? Light by Liv is available for hire in the Tri-state area to teach you and your friends, guests or clients how to make candles and all about the various candle ingredients and important details of candle making in a fun, interactive workshop!

We will travel to your home, store-front or event space and supply all the equipment and supplies necessary for each participant to make and take home their very own custom scented candle!

Prices start at $40 per person + travel costs.

Please contact us for booking inquiries and details.




Under the guidance of founder & owner of Light by Liv LLC and professional chandler, Olivia, you'll learn to create your very own
non-toxic, vegan and environmentally friendly scented candle. 

First, you'll work to create a 7oz. custom scented candle utilizing vegan coconut wax, phthalate free fragrance oils and naturally sourced,
eco-friendly wooden wicks that you'll be proud to burn at home!


Then, while you wait for your candle to cure, you'll discuss candle theory and learn more about the important details of candle making - why using natural ingredients are better for your health and environment, the differences in various candle making ingredients, equipment required to make candles and how to use them properly, and more.

The workshop is recommended for beginners and is
2 hours long. 

What you'll leave the workshop with:

 Your very own, custom scented and labeled 7oz. candle!

An extensive knowledge about natural ingredients, candles and how to make them yourself at home.

A fun experience shared with friends, family members, coworkers

or clients!



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