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As animal lovers and activists ourselves, we promise all our products are vegan friendly

and cruelty free.


It's simple...

This is an easy one, as there's not much to explain! All ingredients and materials used in our products are vegan and are sourced from vegan friendly companies in the USA that do not test on animals. No products or ingredients used at Light by Liv have ever been tested on animals and we do not use the services of other research establishments to conduct animal testing on our behalf. Light by Liv has a strict policy to never purchase products or ingredients from suppliers or intermediary agents who have conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing. If any of the products or ingredients we use are found, at any point, to not be compliant with this policy, or is found to not be vegan, we would immediately seek an alternative supplier and remove the product or ingredient from our product range. We're animals lovers at heart and take the utmost care to make sure our products are strictly vegan and cruelty-free.

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